About Us

Pixr is a AI powered camera app that makes capturing and sharing memories seamless.  

Remember that time when you took a bunch of photos with family and friends only to be bombarded by everyone asking you to send them a copy with no easy way to do it? It's a painstaking task and annoying for the people waiting, sometimes for days or weeks, just to get a copy.  

The options are to either tag everyone on a social media platform, send it to them through other apps or upload the memories to the cloud and send a link so others can download the files. These options require manual effort and a lot of the time, files are compressed causing quality issues with the shared photos or videos, making the process inefficient with unfavorable results.   

What if that entire process was fully automated for your photos and videos? What if the memories you captured were automatically shared with everyone in them seamlessly without any manual intervention?  

 Pixr is the patent pending solution to end the hassle and seamlessly share memories with everyone that's a part of that captured memory without jeopardizing quality.