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Automatically share your memories with everyone in them!

Share your photos and videos effortlessly with Pixr. Just capture a memory and let Pixr automatically detect the faces and share it with everyone without the hassle of you doing it manually.

Pixr was designed to do all the legwork for you!

No more wasting time manually sharing memories with your family and friends. Let Pixr automatically share your photos and videos with the people in them.



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Quick Start

Login and begin using the Pixr camera app.


Recognise Faces

Pixr finds the faces in your photos and videos.


Seamlessly Shared

Recognized faces automatically receive the file.


Easily Connect

Pixr will detect people in the same photos or videos as you and suggest them to you. You can connect with whoever you want.

Easily Share

Easily Share Your Photos and Videos

Your photos or videos are automatically shared with the people in them that Pixr detects and matches. Some may choose to save the memory to their gallery while others may prefer to delete it.

Preserve Quality

Never settle for anything but the best!

Pixr preserves the quality of the memories and shares them in the original quality they were originally captured. Everyone gets the same quality image or video.


Deleted After Sharing is Completed

Memories are securely deleted after the sharing process is completed. Files are not stored on the application or server for more than 24 hours.

Alex Killion
Fantastic App

It really made my wedding so much easier. Sharing and getting photos to the owners would have been quite difficult. With Pixr, every photo taken at my wedding automatically went to the relevant person. Thank you.

Donna Rose
Quality Always High

When sending from other apps, the quality of the photos decreased. Now all the photos I take automatically go to my friends at the same quality as on my phone. It's really a fantastic app.

Mildred Thornton
Both Intelligent and Practical

We use it for large family photos. It must be the most intelligent way to share photos effortlessly. It's an advanced, artificial intelligence-supported app.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the memories stored?

Pixr encrypts and securely stores memories in the cloud until it is shared with everyone detected in them or for a 24 hour window from the time the memory was captured, whichever comes first.

What’s the level of quality for the shared memories?

Pixr ensures that the file quality is the same as the original file. So, if the original photo was taken in 4K, everyone will receive the same quality file. How any one device displays the photo depends on that specific device's specs.

Who sees the ads?

Only Pixr users receiving memories see short ads to access them. One ad for every three photos or one ad for everyone one video memory.

Is there a cost or subscription for Pixr?

Pixr is an ad-supported and absolutely free service to users.

Why does Pixr have ads?

Advertising is how Pixr generates revenue.

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